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Sunday, February 10, 2008

February 10, 2008

Snow Shoe-ing Retreat

Sue went on a retreat with her ladies' bookclub and bible study group up along the Spring Creek area north of Almont, CO.

A great time was had by all! This was Sue's first attempt at snowshoeing and had a wonderful time.

After following along a road pathway, the group attempted to traverse an open field area.
When Sue dropped down into snow up to her... well lets just say it was DEEEEP!
After several minutes of group effort, she, along with several others, was extricated from the snow and decided the road less traveled was not for her and returned to the roadway path.

They then worked their way back to the rustic retreat cabin when they only had the bare essentials for survival.
Yeah, Right!
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February 10, 2008

Sue zips down the slope. I asked her to go a few feet so I could take her picture and the next thing I know she's clear down the slope!

So I had to catch up, get downslope from her and wait for her to catch up so I could get this picture!

Then Sue got hold of the camera so she could turn the tables on me!

Easy does it ol' man!
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February 10, 2008

Erica's learning to ski. Progress is being made!

She has graduated from the 'magic carpet' to the t-bar!
And lessons continue through the blizzard!
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February 10,2008


We were a weekend late for the International Ice Climbing Event
in Ouray, Colorado. But there were still plenty of folks to watch .

This fellow is about halfway up the ice fall.
And nicely framed between the flags, if I do say so myself!

Erica and Dad

Erica and Mom
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