Colorado Uerlings

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

April 24, 2007

Just a little Spring snow!

Nice , White, Fluffy and Wet!
Received overnight, it will be gone by noon!

We are moving the first week in MAY to our new home.
We will update again soon, but the computer will be getting some quality downtime during the move.
See you all real soon!
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Sunday, April 08, 2007

April 8, 2007 Easter Sunday

Happy Easter to All!

Sue, Peanut, Erica, and Colin on Easter Morning!
(After Coffee, Breakfast and Church!)
(But before the Egg Dying Festival)

Erica, and cousins Zoe and Zach
partake of the dye.
(The newspapers were just black and white when they started!)

The gallery discusses the topic of what to call the color of an egg that has
been dunked in all of the colors!
(Readers- feel free to leave your comments on that one!)
We sincerely hope all of you had a blessed and
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Saturday, April 07, 2007

March 22, 2007

Here are a few more views of the Colorado Monument area.

Mom, Dad, and Erica hiking along one of the hundreds of trails in the canyon.

This finger of the canyon is called Canyon within a Canyon
It's hard to see down front but at the distant open end of the canyon you can see the 'V'
of the lower canyon.

More rock formations. This is a Hiker, Biker, Camper
haven. A must see if you come to visit Colorado, over by the Grand Junction Area.
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March 22, 2007

We recently visited the Colorado Monument National Park.
Its like a miniature Grand Canyon with scenic overlooks and tunnels.
Beautiful rock formations!

Erica and Dad stand by the railing while Mom kept her distance to take the picture.

Mom and Erica .
In the background you vcan see where a large chunk of the canyon side has slid several hundred feet down.

The official symbol of Colorado Monument is this formation.
I'm not zoomed in nearly close enough, but there were rock climbers on the formation just above the ledge two/thirds of the way up the sunnyside of the rock.
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