Colorado Uerlings

Location: Gunnison, CO, United States

Thursday, September 28, 2006

September 28, 2006

Here are some beautiful scenes from Ohio Creek, north of Gunnison, CO. The first snows have fallen in the area. The aspens are changing colors and the Elk are starting to moo(!)ve
down from the higher elevations.

Western State College in Gunnison boasts having the worlds largest collegiate letter on Mount 'W'. For homecoming they light it up with fire.
It looks pretty awesome!
Sorry, these are domestic cattle, not Elk! But it was pretty neat, hile hiking, we could hearthe elk bellowing in the distance. The cattle would often respond.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

September 19, 2006

We went to Lake Irwin this past weekend, a small, very secluded lake. Our intent was to see the changing colors of the aspens, but we ended up with even better memories for a little trip.

Our trip started bright and sunny in Gunnison. We stopped for brunch in Crested Butte, Erica had some steak, eggs, hashbrowns, and a vanilla hot fudge shake.

It's definitely the changing of the seasons here in Colorado You can see the aspens changing colors and snow starting to collect on the high peaks. And, as we were soon to find out, some not so high peaks.

We then headed in to the hills to see the aspen. We saw a sign for Lake Irwin and decided to investigate. It was absolutely beautiful. Not heavily developed but with a neat camping grounds area. As we headed a little further uphill we were greeted by a sight that made us think we were in the Swiss Alps.

Then while trying to get a picturesque view alittle higher still, we found ourselves being enveloped in snow showers. Our first Colorado snow! It was just so cool (Literally!).

Monday, September 11, 2006

September 12, 2006

Hello to All!
A little up-dating is required. Thanks for checking up on us. Erica has gotten over her anxiety about the school buses and her new locker. These were worrisome moments for all, believe me! School is going well and she is getting ready to start piano lessons again and learning volleyball basics. She got a chance to see her cousin Nikki play for the UNK Lopers in Denver this past weekend and hopefully she picked up a few pointers.

The job front is holding steady with signs of improvement. Sue has kept busy with the Gunnison Arts Center and Colin weathered his first major sales event over Labor Day weekend. (Ya gotta luv retail!) The owner was impressed enough with Colin's first six weeks to strongly suggest a promotion is coming up. (Hopefully a job promotion and not another sales promotion event.)

Colin had a little excitement in the back country while ATV-ing with relatives. He picked up a few bruises when he took his ATV off a small embankment. Fortunately some small aspen trees slowed the decent, albeit, rather abruptly. A special thank you goes out to the inventor of the winch. Only a bruised ego and thighs to show for the mishap. Despite the slight detour, the area was absolutely breathtaking to see. A couple more weeks will only improve the views as the aspens start changing colors . We'll try to keep you posted on some of those views.