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Sunday, October 15, 2006

October 15, 2006

Our latest excursion took us up Taylor Canyon north of Gunnison. With the seasons starting to change the Aspens have lost most of their leaves and we are seeing more and more snow on the higher peaks. A-BASIN opened for skiing this week with a 20" snow base. Rumor has it that we can expect warmer temps and above average moisture this winter. (Oh Goody, 120" of snow but only -20F degrees.)

Taylor Reservoir is up over 9300 feet in the Rockies and the Taylor River feeds down into the Gunnison River. The area is a popular destination for elk hunters and salmon and trout fishers. You can see the Continental Divide in the background.

We saw a few of the area inhabitants making their way south to lower climates. We've been looking for and finally saw some Big Horn Sheep. We also saw deer, elk, a Bald Eagle and a chipmunk.

(It's a small world story: While viewing the Big Horn Sheep, another couple traveling through stopped to watch also. She had lived in Grand Island, NE. Just 30 miles from our old home in Hastings, NE)

We have spotted several deer in the area. This fine fellow was in someones yard just outside of town, near the river. Looked to be a six pointer (But I'm no expert!)

Dad has been forwarned, Erica wants to go fishing sometime. Grandpa Bob, needs to be forwarned, Erica has been practicing her big game hunting on a local arcade game. She wants to go hunting with Grandpa. I would highly recommend staying behind her. She's pretty fast on the draw and usually hits something. (But let's just say the elk weren't exactly running scared.) But be sure to bring plenty of ammo.

Erica is definitely WonderWoman. Here she is 'wander'-ing on the rocks in the river. We were just wondering what she was thinking. (I think she bent the tree down in the background,too!)


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