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Sunday, August 20, 2006

August 20, 2006

Here are some pictures of the inside of our house!
This is Erica's Colorado Rainbow Bedroom.

These are pictures of our Great Room which include the TV area, Dining Area, and Entry.

Sue works on responding to some emails in our Den/Guest Room (hint-hint ;) !)

Here is our Kitchen area.
There are also two baths and a Double Garage.

Most of us survived Erica's Party of Five Sleepover. They played with water balloons, make-up, watched a movie, gabbed until past midnight, played at the park, had cake and ice cream, and the 'big hit' of the party was the pinata in Erica's likeness. (See previous pictures!) As you can see, they wore Penaut out!


Blogger Mike in Nebraska said...

Wow, no comments yet? Eh, I only got yours, too and I've been giving it out to everyone I know! I think blog are a pretty good idea, I was just thinking the other day that Nikki should do one, but it sounds like her days are pretty well packed already!

Thanks for this!


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