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Saturday, August 19, 2006

August 19, 2006 - Update

Well... some of us more acclimated than others. To her credit, Peanut has adjusted very well!

Speaking of hiking. We have enjoyed taking little trips out and around the area to see nature. Here is Erica on one of our hikes near the Taylor river. We are getting acclimated to the climate and altitude.Sue's parents, Bob and Ardy, came out for a visit. We planned to take them on a boat tour of the
Gunnison River near Black Canyon, but our ship didn't come in. ( More accurately, it had already left the dock. OOPS! But we did take them on a beautiful two mile hike to the dock and back.
Here is a view of our back yard. Some of the landscaping is compliments of Colin's artistic touch and now sore back. Beyond is property owned by Western State College of Colorado and Bureau of Land Management. So... no homes will be built back there. We're hoping to convince our lanlord to sell us the home, but not much luck there so far.
Here is a picture of our house. (Or as Colin likes to say, our garage with attached living

quarters!) It's less than a year old, three bedroom, double car garage, two baths, and as you can see, GRASS FINALLY!


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