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Sunday, September 16, 2007

September 16, 2007

Engineer Pass Trip!
The view from the top!

And believe me, we are just happy to be able to put these pictures on our blog. It means we got home safely!
You'll actually want to view the pictures of this trip from the start, up the pass, to here!
(Go down the pictures in the blog about 10 pictures.)

Getting to the top was breathtakingly beautiful!

We didn't take any more pictures after this because the final 10 miles were jeep wrenching, white knuckle, pry the fingers off the steering wheel at the end, bone jarring, exhilaration! And not necessarily a good exhilaration.
By the time we realized what the road conditions were going to be like, it was too late. There was no turning around, literally!
Besides, we were probably better off going mainly downhill than uphill.
We should have taken some pictures of the road, but they wouldn't have done the situation justice.
We were very glad to make it to the highway without any major damage. It's safe to say Sue and Erica will probably never want to take another even remotely less traveled road through back country again! (I'll even have to give it a lot of thought.)
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