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Saturday, August 25, 2007

August 25, 2007


It's Cake and Party Time for Erica on her 10th Birthday. We celebrated a few days early on the weekend before her big day. Erica and three friends, along with Mom and Dad spent the night at LOST MINER'S RANCH near Gunnison. A great little getaway!

Sue had bid on the one night stay during the GAC Gala Fundraiser last fall. We're pretty sure that if they offer it again this year, they'll pay someone to out bid us. The stampede scene in 'City Slickers' comes to mind. Close your eyes, listen for the battery operated coffee grinder, take that sound x 4. You get the picture!

No...Sue's hand wasn't shaking from nerves, yet. We just couldn't get the four girls to stop moving even for one second!

OK! Maybe for one second!
But it wasn't because it was fun!
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