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Monday, July 30, 2007

July 16, 2007

Sue' s Brother Mike is seriously into geo-caching. I think he found somewhere in the neighborhood of twelve to thirteen geo-caches while out here in Colorado visiting. He took us along to find one up Soap Creek, near Sapinero, CO.

This area was of particular interest because his father and grandfather, uncles and cousins
often used this fork of Blue Mesa to stage their Elk hunting excursions. The above picture depicts a rock formation where a suspected cache lies in wait. It made for a nice hike, but we were unsuccessful in finding the cache.

It was to be found in one of the many little caves that dotted the base of the rock formation.
But apparently, not this one!

OR ........
this one!

Bob gave serious thought to checking out one or two other caves too, but the distant sound of a lifeflight chopper brought him back to reality pretty quickly.
(Note: We did learn recently that the cache is still up there, albeit a little bit more concealed that originally thought.)
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